Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't JUDGE me Bro!!!

I am the proud new owner of a Stripper pole in my apartment. Now before you start gathering your dollar bills, hear me out.... For the past few months I've been taking this pole dancing class in DC (visit its well worth your time and money), and I really enjoy it. I chose this particular place because it was cheaper, only $20 per class, the emphasis is on fitness and not just how to look like you know what you're doing should you ever find yourself on stage in a strip club. And I'll tell you, I'm an athletic person and I really enjoy working out, but after my first class full of squats and what not, I could barely walk for 3-4 days!!!! It was the best pain I've ever felt!!! And since going, I've noticed my upper body has gotten ALOT stronger! Even when I was running competitively, I could not do a single pull-up, but NOW? I can definately see improvement!

Well, the pole I bought does not need to be screwed to the ceiling if you do not put all your body weight on it, but that didn't seem to be working out so well for all the spins I was doing, so I had to ask the maintenance man to screw it in for me (plus I could not reach the ceiling due to my small stature). So when he arrived at my door, my first comment was "DON'T JUDGE ME BRO!!!!" He said sure but had a quizzical look on his face once he understood my request. He made a coupla dollar bill comments, but he put up my pole....That's all a girl can ask for.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Temptation Island

The man, who from now on will be referred to as "Ole Faithful" decides to text me and announce that he is in my city. No lie, I FREAKED OUT!!!!! I called all my friends PLUS my brother to express my anguish, and narrowly avoided a full out panic attack. So the plan was to try to avoid him as long as possible but the problem was I had no clue how long he would be here. His brother lives here so I figured he'd be here what? a week? But NOOOOOOO he says he's here for a month!!!!!!

:::enter the cold sweat and racing heart:::

THEN he sends me a text informing me of a dream he had about me....(which does not include flowers and fairy tales if you know what i mean)...I ignored the message but knew that I was in for an uphill battle if I was gonna make it this month and not have sex with him. After a pep talk from my bro and a friend...I finally calmed down. But a few days later after several questions from my support group (consisting of my brother and friends who know my situation) I curious about how long he would be here... so I broke down and asked him and he says he is here looking for a JOB!!!! AAARRRGH!

I'm trying to do this whole six months no dating, no accepting numbers, no nada! And this will be difficult if he relocates back here. Well anyway, I can't do nothing but try, and some of my friends don't seem to think I will be able to resist him, so I guess we'll just have to see.....

California Love

So I'm sitting in the resident lounge at my appartment catching up on work when a couple of my fellow residents (one who seems a lil lost, the other who seems a lil slow) are watching Poetic Justice. He then begins to talk about how much he likes Oakland (He doesn't know that's my hometown) and spent some quality time there in '98. I smile as he comments the the people in Oakland were "cooler" than the residents of say, San Francisco or LA, and I chuckle to myself and say nothing as I continue researching all the state elections for the 2008 election cycle for work.

The other resident, who upon last meeting not so subtly asked for a foot massage from an acquaintance (and didn' receive it) asks if Oakland was full of upper middle class people because "I thought it was ghetto." he laughed and confirmed it's "ghetto-ness". It was all I could do to not bust out laughin....1 point for the slow girl!