Monday, April 26, 2010

Its been along time, shouldnta left you

In the time since I've last posted much has transpired.

I got accepted into my PhD program with full scholarship and stipend, after months of hard work, waiting and being wait-listed. Expecting that I wouldn't be accepted I started a culinary program, and BOY are there some characters there. I ended up with a full time job (who knew part time work was so hard to come by?), stopped humping, and am preparing to move....again.

At the Reggae Club,
the Little Mermaid got arrested last weekend for fighting some white boys after leaving our club, two weeks I witnessed this man finger boning his girl DIRECTLY in front of the bar...and then licking his fingers (ugh! I STILL have nightmares over this). I almost, quit because on the busiest Wednesday EVER! The Big Bad Wolf decides to cuss me out, IN FRONT OF OUR CUSTOMERS during peak operational hours. Also, bartender twin was acting crazy and coming at my neck every chance she could leaving me to side eye her, and continue making that money. We have a truck for DC Carnival this year, and I'm required to wear a costume. no biggie tho. THis body was made for 3 pieces of fabric, glitter and sun.