Monday, August 24, 2009

Bartender Vision pt 8 "The freaks come out at night" weekend review

It's been kinda slow at the bar....REAL slow. Slower than last year...Slower than winter. But I still make more bartending than I do at my day job.

Well this Friday and Saturday were especially slow. Around midnight me and the twin were looking at each other and the empty bar hoping they would just give up the ghost and close early so we could go party somewhere. You can blame it on the rain. People eventually stroll in and the party finally gets underway, but it still not super busy.

I don't know what it was about this particular Saturday, but there was a spike in the general freakiness of the patrons... I mean dag! I thought I was the only one not getting any?! Isn't that what people do during recessions and blackouts? LOL

But I digress. My twin was reporting that there were more McNasty comments and hand rubs that lingered far too long.

Touching patrons = bigger tips

Another patron crumples up dollar bills and throws them at me while I'm ringing up orders at the register. At first I though he was tryina get my attention, you know, for more drinks, but he just told me in the syruppy drunk voice how segzay I was. Geesh! I wasnt even dancing on the bar! I thanked him and moved on, winking at people all willy nilly as I went. Usually such comments don't bother me, and are kinda funny, but that day, I was grossed out. Maybe I wasn't drunk enough.

I also worked Sunday this weekend. Sunday was also a little slow, but Wednesdays and Sundays are like doesn't get underway til about 12:30-1am.

I've probably already mentioned this before but

Few patrons = Free shots

The few people who were there early get to taste new recipes I come up essence, they are my guinea pigs, but who doesn't want free liquor in this economy?

There's a group of three young guys who come in from time to time...I always take good care of them and they take good care of works! They have a few shots (count: 4 rounds of 4) and a budweiser, then leave and return later...Later a gentleman comes in and orders a corona...this is not his first drink of the night and he hands me his card... he wants his card back but I explain to him we have a $15 dollar minimum...nothing he says makes sense but I take it he concedes because he stops trying to explain.

We've been getting cussed out lately about not being strict about the card minimum...I just roll my eyes and move on... the way I see it, I can sit there and argue, or get someone to charge money thay dont have, and risk ending up with a declined card, or just swipe the daggone thing. I mean I try but I think it's time not spent raking in more money to sit there are try to convince people to get more stuff if they didnt happen to carry cash. but I'm digressing again.

Ole boy has CLEARLY had too much to drink... and I know I should cut him off...but I'm not in the mood to get cussed out. But after the second corona I just give up and swipe. I decide that I would much rather him pay and leave than to have him collapse or barf at the bar...(both have happened by the way, perpetrated by members of both genders)...and believe me, THAT looks worse.

Friday, August 21, 2009

e tu Daddy?

I was talking to my father on the phone yesterday, and he was filling me in on some of the details of his business trip, he and my mom went on (moms is now a stay at home entrepreneur so she usually travels with my father). I'm a daddy's girl, and I've been away from home for 5 years no so my father has grown increasingly long-winded.

When it comes to me and relationships, my father has always been largely silent, but then again, I've never brought home knuckleheads so there hasn't been much that my father has needed to say. The only thing in fact, that he has ever said to me about my dating life (sparse and currently non-existent) is "you seem to have about one [boyfriend] a year".

That is until recently: During one of our check-ins, daddy was rehashing the wedding of my cousin (whom I've never met). I am my father's road dog, and my mother doesn't dance so it is usually he and I who hit the dance floor at wedding receptions together, it is he and I, not mom, who ride in his convertible with the top down (mom doesn't like the windblown look, I don't really care). Needless to say, he misses me, and that's all well and good, until he too dropped a bomb on me. He expressed to me that he hopes to live to see me get married.

DANG DADDY! that's kinda heavy.

My father isn't that old (62) and is in relatively good health. Granted, the good Lawd could take any of us at any time, so his concern is with merit, but I guess what surprised me most was that I had no clue my father took that much interest in my "love" life. Even though my father and I converse about many things, that has never been one of them...He's met all my boyfriends, of course, but never seemed to take a real interest in any of them, liked them but again, we just never really talked about it.

****Fast forward to last night****

He's telling me about his trip, where he ate (daddy KNOWS I like to eat), and then tells me he met a young lady on his return trip that reminded him alot of me. OK. But I was not prepared for what came next. By the end of the flight from Houston to California, he had the skinny on her also non-existent love life, and a little bit about her, (she's 27, an engineer of some sort, looks younger than she is, is returning from a friend's wedding, and is exasperated with her current inability to find a mate, and as a result is considering increasing the upper end of her dating range in hopes that she will find someone suitable for her). His summary: she like you is a young woman who has her stuff together, but is single because men her age don't seem to have it together.


That one statement tells me that though he has never shared any of this with me before, clearly he has spent alot of time thinking about my prosepcts for a relationship, analyzed why I'm not in one and is obviously concerned, which is a little strange for me because I've never expressed any frustration to my mother or father about my dating life, or lack thereof, except maybe that one time my dad happened to call after I had just been stood up by some loser I met at a CBC event. But that wasn't about men in general but how this one individual could plan a whole entire date then fail to show without saying boo cat. I mean if you weren't interested don't ask me to go out with you.

But I digress. I don't complain because while I would like to be with someone, I understand that there is is a season to be single, and some lessons to learn during that time, and there is a time to be in a relationship. I may be single forever but while I certainly don't plan on it, I want to enjoy the season I'm in while I can. I'd like to be able to enter a union of some type from a place of peace and not dissatisfaction.

Daddy is usually so calm, cool and collected that it throws me off to see signs of him having anxiety about my prosepects for a relationship. Because He is nervous I'm starting to get nervous. I mean, I'm young and I got time right? LOL The other thing is that I completely expect these things from my mother, I mean, she is 60 with no grandbabies, but daddy?!?! I didn't expect him to heap on LE pressure also.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taking one for the team, cuz wedding fabric sucks!

One of my good friends is getting married next month. This occasion is special for several reasons: for one, my friend is getting married and I'm excited to celebrate the beginning of this next chapter in her life, and to be able to support her as a member of her bridal party. Secondly, she is the first one of us to get married, and if you ask me, she'll be the only one for a while, since none of the rest of us are even seeing anyone, seriously or otherwise.

She went to Atlanta to teach and her now fiance, followed. Other friends in the bridal party have returned home to California, and still others have found themselves in other parts of the country for graduate school so it has been a while since we've all seen each other, so this makes her wedding even that much more special.

To date, my friend has been a model bride, no Bridezilla action here. She was even considerate enough to choose dresses that weren't super bridesmaidy looking, meaning that ideally it's something that could be worn again and were reasonably priced. With 8 bridesmaids of different sizes and shapes, there's only so much you can do.

I went maybe a month ago or so to order the dress. They run kinda small so I was sure to pick the larger size. It chiffon which seems to never lay right on shapely figures, and even though I tried a larger size, I still had reservations about how the dress was lying across my thighs and hips, it was a little tight for my taste but didn't look too bad. I asked the consultant for an even larger size but she assured me it was fine because the fabric was flowy, and a larger sized dress would swallow up my small frame, especially since it fit perfectly everywhere else. I reluctantly agreed.

I returned today to get the dress fitted and it was a nightmare. Not because they messed up my order, or because the seamstress was evil, neither was true. I could not get over how unflattering this dress ended up being. Not because it was ugly, or that the color was wrong, its just that the chiffon fabric just would not lay right. it's not even that I'm on the heavier side--in fact, I'm slender. But it just seemed to get caught around the hips. I wouldn't have minded so much had there not been extra fabric caught around my waist because I could not pull the dress down any further. Needless to say, it was not a good feeling.

I value my body, and my health and eat balanced meals and work out to stay in shape (but mainly so I can afford to eat what I like and not worry about it). One thing I promised myself, is that I would never lose weight just to fit into a dress, but that may have to change. It isn't even about me or how I feel about the dress... I'm more concerned about my friend's wedding and her wedding pictures. Yes I'll be standing next to her to support her, but in some sense, I also represent her, and I want to make sure I do it well. The only thing is, while a tad bit o weight loss is my only option, I'm not even sure that will help much. Given that my waist is much smaller that my hip measurement, the dress still may not lay right but I've got to try.

Good thing my new pole should be arriving soon because I definitely have to step up my workout game in the next month before these nuptials...pole dancing in class and at home and lots of yoga, maybe some running if it cools off outside some...but I have my work cut out for me. All I can do is hope it works out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Whose report will you believe?

Since I've been fasting (i.e. not watching Slayer, hours of TV, or putting myself to sleep,) I've had plenty of time to think. I'm all about self discovery and taking time to process the things I do and think, as well as what goes on around me.

There are a few areas in which I've kinda been stuck, but some of it centers around Ole Faithful. Luckily I've had an epiphany or two surrounding that whole situation. I never understood why I've let this go on for so long. I was confortable, sure. But WHY was I so comfortable knowing I was an afterthought, a jumpoff? I always thought it was something about him that kept me around, you know, that I enjoyed his company, felt like he "got" me, and how no matter how stressed frustrated I may have been that day, I would always be much more calm when I was around him.

Those things still apply, but it was about me too, and I've always known that; I just never took to time to think about it beyond me liking stability, and he being as predictable as they come (for better and for worse).

Because I was experiencing so much emotional instability, I clung to whatever could offer me some stabilizing effect, or better yet, something I could tether myself to as I attempted to regain some order in the other areas in my life. I reacted the way I did (anxiety attack= no bueno) when he told me we were in a relationship because suddenly in the midst of the most change I have ever experienced at one time, I could no longer count on the one thing that kept me "sane".

It was the premise upon which I had built my thought process to begin to explain my world as it was and suddenly I had yet another thing I didn't really know how to deal with it. Never mind that we already hadn't seen each other for months, the truth is, I just don't like surprises.

This whole fasting process has made me realize too that I no longer need him in that way. For the past year, I've been working like crazy to reconstruct my world so that I can better withstand change whether it be unexpected or not, and the be the stability that I so desire. The truth is, I'm just in that season of my life where things are constantly changing. I've had to move a lot, still not sure where I will end up settling, and as many of my friends are going through the same thing our friendships have necessarily changed also. Furthermore, we are in a recession of sorts, so professionally and monetarily things are still uncertain.

That doesn't mean I have to panic, or cling to the nearest tree every time the wind blows. I've decided I will be that tree again...I have played that role in everyone else's life now that I think about it, and for myself at times, but it seems like I had given up tree status in favor of being a leaf. There's nothing wrong with that; there's a time to be a tree and there's a time to be a leaf, this is what's best for now.

Besides all of that, the rumor mill is alive and well. I have an iPhone now and I'm beginning to wonder if I can unsubscribe to this BS. I told my friend how annoyed I was that she calls me every time someone reports that Ole faithful has breathed. I know she cares about me and wants to make sure I am informed but dag, I do appreciate it but on some level I don't care. I'm not the kind of woman to keep tabs on my man, let alone someone with whom I'm just doing rhythmic gymnastics. I think what bothered me most was that the times I was getting these status updates, I wasn't dealing with him so there was no real reason for me to know... I guess things are a little different now but the new "news" is that he had a girlfriend here and back home and is living in VA, though he told me went back home.

That said, I can't say this friend is the most reliable source. A couple months ago she sent me a FB message with a pic of him with a pic of his baby mama (pre-baby of course, btw FB is the devil) saying "clearly he was messing with y'all at the same time", which truthfully hurt and angered me. I don't mind doing the no strings attached thing short term, but I firmly believe I'm good enough to get my own and man and don't relish being unknowingly put in the position of the "other woman". This info was received through my friend's FB stalking which I generally frown upon, but something told me to do my own research, (the political scientist in me). So I looked through the pics on her profile which was open, and discovered that while that particular photo was posted around the time we were seeing each other, the photo was actually older because similar pictures were posted a year or so before. Not to say he wasn't seeing us both, but it just wasn't as cut and dry as my friend was making it appear.

I don't put anything past anyone, so it's entirely possible he's been lying to me, but it's also possible I'm being fed misinformation (it doesn't help that most of my friends dislike him for the way he handles me). If it's true, then I wouldn't pursue a real relationship with him even if he wanted it, if not, I'm still no longer satisfied with the terms of our arrangement. If he isn't willing or ready to take a step forward with me, that's cool, no love lost, but I intend to make myself available for someone who can and will. Regardless, it's cause for pause, and it doesn't really change my resolve to leave this behind, for good.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bartender Vision pt 7 "Trick o' the Hand"

I can honestly tell you, the last thing you want to order from me is a Patron margarita, if you claim to be a liquor enthusiast of course, because you will find that a Patron margarita from me has a definite kick. Why do you ask? Because I have spiked it with rail.

How could I do such a thing? I got tired of people saying it ain't taste strong enough, and expecting me to put in more patron as if that would really make make a difference or if I could do that and not get fired. You'd think people would know that compared to your rails, cuervos, etc. patron has a much more subtle, muted flavor (if you can call it that), which makes it good for mixing because it doesn't overpower the other flavors in the drink.

Before you cuss me out for cheating people (granted I'm sure that won't happen since nobody really reads this) I still give a full shot and a half of just might get and extra half to 3/4 shot of rail to go with it. And of course, I haven't had another complaint since.

Which brings me to one of my biggest pet peeves: Why must people insist on tasting every drop of alcohol in a cup? Mixed drinks serve the purpose of providing a smoother taste to regular alcohol. If you just want alcohol, man (or woman) up, skip the chaser and just take shots! Unless of course your reason for whining about the excess of cranberry juice is your fear of bartenders not giving you your money's worth in alcohol, which I understand. but DAG! Why must we constantly spring for the long island that tastes like gasoline? I know people wanna get nice quick but I assure you, if your drink is made right, good people you will still get there, and maybe even a little quicker if I don't shake the carbonation out of the coke, but my point is I guess, that it's the SAME AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL!

Speaking of requests for stronger drinks, I do the same to zombies, but that doesn't make much of a difference because for a rum, 151 just may just put a little hair on your chest anyway.

Maybe tequila is my answer for everything...who knows?