Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bartender Vision pt 12 "Ode to a DJ" do not judge my poetic form

I know its been HELLA long since I've posted anything (not for a shortage of material though for sure!) but truth is, I'm applying to school right now and that requires my full attention. You know, business before pleasure, and sleep before blogging ;-)

Well anyway, as you may know, Wednesday nights are my all time favorite. Mainly because of the tomfoolery that is almost always sure to occur, but partially because I get to party the hardest, thanks to my favorite DJ.

But all that is about to change....probably forever.

And so I dedicate this entry to Hey Mr. DJ, and loyal reader. Beware of Sap "Yea-yay!"

You spread California Love, and R&B tunes to pass early wednesday nights and set up time.
Back that azz up, it's my birthday, everyday
Johnny Walker black, the trini way,
and corona ode to the Cali homies call your name.

You swing de pony tail, eye catches falling titties like the largest, strangest fruit you ever seen.
Red faced white man, and Dj instigator make up Le Crewe
we egg them on, but they hid too.

Boss man Kama sutra, freaky deaky, always ready to choke them bitches
except that one friday night when he almost did but ended up beating that skinny man big tippin ass instead

The nekked contortionist, The little mermaid
both comedy central but they only wine to your tunes
where will they go? will they buy drinks?

Needless to say, Wednesdays will never be the same, for either of us
I don't care who he know that newcomer will NEVER take your place
From where I sit, you have Wednesdays in the palm of your hand
Keep your head up all the way over there

No matter where you go
no matter what you play
you will always be my DJ


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